Made in Croydon Social

Our next social is on 28 June, 6.30pm, Wednesday, at Byte Cafe

Made in Croydon Social 26 April

Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison spoke at the social is on 26 April on various projects initiated by Rise Gallery in Croydon.

Made in Croydon Social, 25 January

1st Made In Croydon Social of 2017 was on Wednesday the 25th January, 2017, at the Byte Cafe, 79 High Street, Central Croydon.

Made in Croydon Social

The  Made in Croydon designers, artists and artisans will meet on 25 January 2017 at the Byte Cafe on Croydon High Street.

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Made in Croydon CIC

This is just outside GodstoneI’ve got my first outdoor event coming up. The Blindley Heath Heavy Horse & Country Show 6th & 7th May. Here are the details. ... See MoreSee Less

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2 days ago

Made in Croydon CIC

New York, Paris, Milan, #Croydon! East Croydon Cool's mugs are now available at the gallery and at ... See MoreSee Less

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Made in Croydon CIC

Looking for a ceramisist to share my pottery studio on the Crystal Palace triangle SE19. Please get in touch with Beth at for more details. ... See MoreSee Less

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Made in Croydon is a not-for-profit company which works to support Croydon’s Creative communities.

We want to promote, commission and connect all of the great designers, artisans and manufacturers who are inspired by, living or creating in Croydon, and we want to help them to find new markets and audiences for their products.

We want to encourage and support the cultural and arts communities of the borough and we particularly want to help to promote a positive image of Croydon and its place in the art, design and product worlds in the UK.

We want the arts and creativity to grow and thrive in Croydon; we will help to make this happen by supporting the work of professional artists, designers and craftspeople in the borough and connecting them to local manufacturers and retailers. Our long-term goal is also to help aspiring artists and craftspeople to enter the market and make it grow.

The Team

The Made in Croydon team has a huge amount of diverse experience in creating supportive frameworks that link and help Croydon communities. All of our directors live and work in Croydon and are passionate about helping people and companies; all of us see the incredible talents and opportunities the borough has to offer.

The directors include: writer and journalist, Bernadette Fallon; youth worker, Jack Kew; businesswoman & community leader, Josi Kiss; designer & photographer, Vipul Sangoi; and businesswoman & publican, Esther Sutton.

We would love to hear from any new artists, craftspeople, designers, businesses or community groups who are passionate about making Croydon a centre for creative activity and industry, as well as making it a viable place to sell creative work.

We are always looking for more partners to work with so please do get in touch with us if this is something that sparks your interest.

Current Projects

Right now we’re setting up several projects to help local artists, craftspeople and designers reach new markets. One of our most exciting plans is a regular pop-up market at Croydon Boxpark and Centrale Shopping Centre to showcase the best of Croydon’s creativity.

We’re developing relationships with other community groups and local enterprise to offer our partners commissions for events and one-off projects; for example, merchandise and gift bags to help promote Croydon.

We’re also working to find new markets for our partners, including setting up new pop-up spaces in the borough and teaming up with existing markets. We will also offer support and training for our members.

Ongoing marketing and promotion for our members: promoting local designers, craftspeople, artists and events in partnership with groups such as Boxpark, Croydon Council, local art galleries including RISE and Turf, the Croydon Citizen and Croydon Radio

Future Projects

Future plans include:

Made in Croydon LIVE: regular pop-up designer and creative markets across the borough

Made in Croydon ONLINE: an online sales, promotion and information platform for our members and the Made in Croydon projects

Made in Croydon HUB: a social and business network linking designers, makers, artists and business,

Made in Croydon MENTORS: a Croydon-based mentoring scheme linking established designers and makers with new and aspiring artists and crafspeople

Made in Croydon TRAILS: a Croydon arts and crafts trail based on the Open Studio concept, working with local businesses to showcase artists, designers and crafts people

Made in Croydon EMPORIUM: a long-term project to create a high profile retail outlet for Made in Croydon contributors to showcase their work


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© Made in Croydon, 2016

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