Bev Jones is a Croydon artist who paints colourful scenes of local Croydon life and turns them into eye-catching prints, cards and t-shirts. She started painting in 2012 and first showed her work with the Croydon Arts Society the following year, moving on to exhibit at art fairs and shows, markets and craft fairs, locally and in London, the following year. She explains that her work has become more colourful over time and has recently involved a lot of rainy scenes.

Squally Crossing by Bev Jones Made in Croydon

She takes inspiration from the world around her. “I pay attention to everyday moments that people tend to go through on autopilot, things like the daily commute or a trip to the shops. People are utterly fascinating and beautiful, and I love to pull out characters and interactions and capture them in paint.”

She has been a member of Made in Croydon for several years now and was first approached to join after she exhibited at the Adagio café in Addiscombe and Rise gallery in the town centre.

“I love the makers’ markets,” she says. “It’s a great way to meet other local creatives and develop a local following. I always do well at them and the Made in Croydon team are super helpful.” (Not to mention photogenic – here’s Bev with Josi from Made in Croydon at a recent market)

Bev Jones and Josi Kiss Made in Croydon market Boxpark

As well as taking part in Made in Croydon events, she also takes part in the Spitalfields Arts Market several times a year and does occasional art fairs and other events. You can also buy her work from her online shop at Etsy and follow her on Instagram at @BevJonesArtist.

What’s next on her list? “I’ve been doing lots of commissions lately and I have a few more lined up which will keep me busy till the New Year. Next year I hope to get more time for new work of my own and possibly look to do a solo show in early 2021 if it all goes well.”

Bev will be taking part in the Made in Croydon Christmas markets in Boxpark on 1 and 8 December 2019 – come and see her there.